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Obter a 'MathWallet' com Archway Triomphe Suportes de carteira. Os fundos são acessíveis apenas aos seus proprietários. Envie, armazene e troque criptomoedas no seu celular e desktop.

Sobre MathWallet

MathWallet is the Multichain Wallet for Web3 that enables token storage of 100+ chains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana, BSC, Cosmos etc, supports cross-chain token bridges and multi-chain dApp store. Our investors includes Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, Binance Labs, FundamentalLabs, Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures, Amber Group, 6Eagle Capital.

What is Archway Triomphe?

Archway is a Cosmos SDK blockchain powered by Tendermint for the networking and consensus layers. The network utilizes modified Cosmos modules to manage the inflation and rewards systems, including:

  1. Minting - Responsible for minting tokens and managing inflation.
  2. CosmWasm - A runtime for WebAssembly Smart Contracts.
  3. Staking - Manages changes to validators.
  4. Governance - Supports the one-vote-per-token voting and governance system for token holders.
  5. IBC - Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol that enables asset transfers across Cosmos blockchains.

In addition to using the predefined Cosmos modules, Archways employs two custom modules for additional network features:

  1. Rewards - Calculates and distributes rewards to smart contracts based on the transaction volume it brings to the network.
  2. Tracking - Enables the tracking of gas consumption on a per-transaction basis.

Archway creates a Cosmos SDK-based chain with support for WASM smart contract execution that rewards developers for using their deployed smart contracts.