Bittensor 钱包

下载麦子钱包 Bittensor 支持最主流的区块链。 只有您能够控制自己的资金。 立即在手机和电脑上接收、 发送、 存储和交易您的加密资产!


MathWallet 是 Web3 时代的多链钱包,产品包括 APP 钱包、网页钱包、浏览器插件钱包、硬件钱包等,且支持 BTC、ETH、Polkadot、Filecoin、Solana、BSC等100多个公链,支持去中心化的跨链交易,构建了一个多链的 DApp 生态系统。MathWallet 的投资人包括分布式资本、Alameda Research、Binance Labs、FundamentalLabs、Multicoin Capital、NGC Ventures 、Amber Group、6Eagle等著名区块链投资机构。

What is Bittensor

Bittensor is essentially a language for writing numerous decentralized commodity markets, or 'subnets', situated under a unified token system. These distinct markets function through Bittensor's blockchain, allowing each to interact and join into a singular computing infrastructure. By analogy, Bittensor brings the same type of abstraction which Ethereum added to Bitcoin for running decentralized contracts, but onto Bitcoin's inverse innovation — digital markets.

Compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies attempting to leverage the digital marketplace, Bittensor has built a framework that provides ease for creating these viable and enormously powerful systems. However, its genius lies in the fact that every one of these inter-networked markets is connectable, and available, to the whole. Building a hierarchical web of resources, ultimately culminating in the production of intelligence; intelligence leverages computation, which leverages data, which leverages storage, then finally leveraging oracles and data procurement and into infinity, all within the same ecosystem.

This is Bittensor's overarching vision; directing the power of digital markets towards society's most important digital commodity - Artificial Intelligence. Not only to build the most powerful intelligence network, but also to ensure that the benefits and the ownership of machine intelligence are in the hands of mere mortals. Bottom up, rather than top down.