Diem 지갑

Math Wallet 다운로드 Libra 최고의 블록체인 대부분 지원합니다. 귀하만이 귀하의 자금을 통제할 수 있습니다. 암호화폐를 모바일 인터페이스에서 수신, 전송, 보관, 교환하십시오.

    About Math Wallet

    Math Wallet은 가장 안전하고 강력한 다중체인 (모바일, 데스크탑, 하드웨어) 지갑으로서 BTC, ETH/ERC20, NEO, EOS/ENU/Telos, TRON, ONT, BinanceChain, Cosmos/IRISnet, Zilliqa 생태계를 완벽하게 지원합니다. 또한 탈중앙화 기반으로 체인-체인 간의 거래를 지원하며, 다중체인 DApp 생태계를 완벽하게 구축하였습니다.

    What is Diem?

    Diem is a global cryptocurrency based on a blockchain designed to advance inclusive finance. This digital currency is characterized by mobility, stability, convenience, low commission and security.

    Diem's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. Libra is made up of three parts that will work together to create a more inclusive financial system:

    • It is based on a secure, scalable and reliable blockchain;
    • it is backed by an asset reserve that gives it intrinsic value;
    • It is managed by an independent Libra association whose mission is to promote the development of this financial ecosystem.