Juno 钱包

下载麦子钱包 Juno 支持最主流的区块链。 只有您能够控制自己的资金。 立即在手机和电脑上接收、 发送、 存储和交易您的加密资产!


MathWallet 是 Web3 时代的多链钱包,产品包括 APP 钱包、网页钱包、浏览器插件钱包、硬件钱包等,且支持 BTC、ETH、Polkadot、Filecoin、Solana、BSC等100多个公链,支持去中心化的跨链交易,构建了一个多链的 DApp 生态系统。MathWallet 的投资人包括分布式资本、Alameda Research、Binance Labs、FundamentalLabs、Multicoin Capital、NGC Ventures 、Amber Group、6Eagle等著名区块链投资机构。

What is Juno?

Juno is an open source platform for inter-operable smart contracts which automatically execute, control or document a procedure of events and actions according to the terms of the contract or agreement to be valid and usable across multiple sovereign networks.

Juno is a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. It aims to provide a sandbox environment for the deployment of such inter-operable smart contracts. The network serves as a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship resistant zone for developers to efficiently and securely launch application specific smart contracts. Developers can leverage proven frameworks and compile code in various languages, like Rust & Go with the potential future addition of C and C++. Battle-tested contract modules such as CosmWasm will allow for decentralized applications (dApps) to be compiled as robust and secure multi-chain smart contracts. EVM support and additional specialized modules can be introduced after genesis subject to onchain governance.