Kusama 지갑

Math Wallet 다운로드 Kusama 지갑은 지원합니다. 자금은 소유자만 액세스할 수 있습니다. 모바일과 데스크탑에서 암호화폐를 보내고, 저장하고, 교환하세요.

About Math Wallet

Math Wallet은 가장 안전하고 강력한 다중체인 (모바일, 데스크탑, 하드웨어) 지갑으로서 BTC, ETH/ERC20, NEO, EOS/ENU/Telos, TRON, ONT, BinanceChain, Cosmos/IRISnet, Zilliqa 생태계를 완벽하게 지원합니다. 또한 탈중앙화 기반으로 체인-체인 간의 거래를 지원하며, 다중체인 DApp 생태계를 완벽하게 구축하였습니다.

What is Kusama?

The Kusama network is a test network before Polkadot goes online, and its logo is only a canary. You can pre-empt the possible problems before the Polkadot goes online to ensure smooth operation of the mainnet. The design of the Kusama network is almost the same as that of the Polkadot, which is equivalent to the experimental network in front of the Polkadot mainnet, and will exist for a long time. Kusama will serve as a testing platform, allowing teams and developers to build and deploy parallel chains or try Polkadot governance, Staking, nomination and verification functions in real-world environments. Kusama is not exactly a test network, but a canary net: it is an early experimental version of Polkadot that exists in the real economic environment. It is not as economically central as the typical “test network” and there is no central cut-off switch. As long as the community maintains it, Kusama will exist, and we envision it will cater to new, early, high-risk features and projects that are ready to be developed and deployed on Polkadot.