Plasm Wallet

Download MathWallet with Plasm Wallet supports. The funds are only accessible to its owners. Send, store and exchange cryptocurrency on your mobile.

About MathWallet

MathWallet is a multi-platform (mobile/desktop/extension/hardware) universal crypto wallet that enables storage of all BTC, ETH/ERC20, NEO/NEP5, EOS, TRON, ONT/ONG, ENU/Telos/EOSC/BOS, BinanceChain, Cosmos, VeChain, and Polkadot tokens. Math Wallet also features cross-chain token exchanges, a multi-chain DApp store and operates nodes for PoS chain. Our investors includes Fenbushi, FundamentalLabs.

What is Plasm Network?

Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library which allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain easily and seamlessly. Since Plasm is an SRML, developers can also make both plasma parent chains and plasma child chains with Substrate.