XDC 钱包

下载麦子钱包 XDC 支持最主流的区块链。 只有您能够控制自己的资金。 立即在手机和电脑上接收、 发送、 存储和交易您的加密资产!


MathWallet 是 Web3 时代的多链钱包,产品包括 APP 钱包、网页钱包、浏览器插件钱包、硬件钱包等,且支持 BTC、ETH、Polkadot、Filecoin、Solana、BSC等100多个公链,支持去中心化的跨链交易,构建了一个多链的 DApp 生态系统。MathWallet 的投资人包括分布式资本、Alameda Research、Binance Labs、FundamentalLabs、Multicoin Capital、NGC Ventures 、Amber Group、6Eagle等著名区块链投资机构。

What is XDC?

The XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain that functions on the basis of delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism. With the XDPoS, the XDC Network enables hybrid relay bridges, spontaneous block finality and interoperability for the blockchain users. It has a hybrid architecture that is developer-friendly in nature.

XDC Network using its democratic consensus and high transparency provides its users with digitization, tokenization, and quick trade transactions.

XDC Network focuses on international trade and finance. It has developed a highly secure, permissioned, and scalable commercial grade architecture. With a hybrid architecture, XDC Network fixes the loopholes in global financing and trade. This helps financial industries by providing them with instant and real-time settlement via smart contracts.

The XDC Network is powered by the XDC01 protocol. The XDC protocol is created to support the smart contracts layer and AML/KYC layer.